Indeed, Spring is a platform to make the Java developer life more manageable. This tutorial will explore a primary feature on Spring Data JPA, such as the inheritance.

Spring Data JPA makes it easy to implement JPA-based repositories quickly. This module deals with enhanced support for JPA-based data access layers, and it is a proud member of the Spring family. This tutorial will be a short intro about Spring Data JPA and its functionality.

In the second part, we could cover the basic annotations on both Spring Core and the Spring Web, focusing on Rest Controller; however, we did not create an application with a database connection.

Fortunately, it is the goal of this part to make a connection easier and clean. …

Spring is a popular Java framework with several features and resources to make a Java developer’s life easier. This tutorial will help you get started on its annotations.

The Spring Framework provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications — on any deployment platform. It was born as a container of IoC. Still, nowadays, Spring is a platform that provides several tools to make the Java developer easier, such as Security, Data, etc. Those features have in common the Spring core. This tutorial will talk about the basic annotations to start to use Spring.

Spring is an annotation driver framework. Thus, it uses annotations to identify the components to inject and to use. …

This tutorial covers the basics of Java 8 and Java 11; it is a start to prepare you for the next LTS: Java 17.

One of the great news introduced in the Java world is related to the version cycle, of which we have a release every six months and a version of Long Term Support every three years. Currently, the LTS version is Java 11, from which many companies are moving towards its use. First, this movement is significant because new frameworks will not support Java 8 and will consider Java 11 as a minimum beyond the point that the next LTS will be in September 2021 with Java 11. …

With the set application connected to the database, the next step is to deploy the application. In the third part of this series, our primary goal is to deploy our application using both Docker and Docker-compose resources.

Indeed, the use of containers has made the use and adoption of cloud computing a lot easier, and with its most significant differential, the application isolation refuse. Making an analogy with the Java world of which we have the WORA Write Once Read Anywhere with containers, we have the PORA Package Once Run Anytime. Since the container, on a general basis, focuses on…

REST has quickly become the de-facto standard for building web services on the web because they’re easy to build and easy to consume. In the second part of this series about Spring Boot with JDBCTemplate, we’ll explore how to create a Rest application.

We talked about the database integration in the first part, and we showed a test with H2. The next step is to expose this model as a rest resource, and every time a team needs to do it, the first question is about the DTO.

Data Transfer Objects, known affectionately as DTOs, are the subject of many…

As with any programming language, Java has several tools to make easy integration between the language and the database. There are several tools such as Hibernate, Eclipse Link, JPA specification, and so on. However, the ORM brings several issues, and sometimes it does not sense to use it and then use it a Java Communication layer or JDBC. This tutorial will cover a way to simplify the code with JDBC using the Spring JDBC Template.

Mapping frameworks such as ORM reduces a lot of boilerplate, reduces the duplicated code, avoids bugs, and doesn’t reinvent the wheel. However, an Object-relational impedance

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